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Members of the Homeschool Review Crew have been enjoying a one-year family subscription that includes four complete math courses,  Elementary, Intermediate, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1, from

The web-based program works in four steps:

  1. Video lessons:   The video tutorials are simple and straightforward. No distractions, just Rick Fisher writing on a whiteboard to show examples and demonstrate solutions.
  2. Printable Worksheets – Students write problems out and solve them with pencil and paper. This enforces concepts and methods as the students work through each essential step.
  3. Quizzes – Once the student is confident with what they have learned, it’s time to put that to the test. There is a quiz at the end of each chapter and a final quiz at the end of each course.
  4. Earn Badges – Keep students motivated by feeding that instinct to achieve and collect! Students can earn badge awards as they complete lessons and do well on quizzes. offers four courses for different levels of study: Basic Math , Advanced Math, Pre Algebra  and Algebra.   Each level is broken down by topics of study such as fractions, geometry, ratios and more.  Students watch a short video lesson taught by math instructor Rick Fisher who teaches concepts via white board lessons.  After the lesson, students complete a worksheet which allows them to put what they learned into practice.  Each worksheet also reviews previous lesson material so that past material is not forgotten. 

Monthly and annual plans are offered that allow access to all four levels.


A big thank you to Brenda from Counting Pinecones for writing this introduction article.

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