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This post is in collaboration with Drive Thru History® Adventures.

The Review Crew has been exploring an early access pass to the newest addition – Bible Unearthed from Drive Thru History® Adventures.  

This subscription grants lifetime access to their 12 part series that will take your family on an archeological adventure of the ancient world.  Using the tools and tricks of archaeology experts, you will learn the history, importance, and impact of the Bible. 

Each of the 12 sections include: 

  • A Video Episode
  • Full Written Exposition & Breakout
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets with full Answer Guides
  • “Dig Deeper” Articles
  •  Fun Activities
  • An exclusive Facebook Community just for other Adventurers

The Video Episodes are around 15 minutes long and the topics include:

  1. What is Archaeology?
  2. The Impact of Archaeology
  3. Locating Archaeological Sites
  4. The Life of an Archaeologist
  5. What’s Being Discovered Today?
  6. Archaeological Mysteries
  7. Top Discoveries in Bible Archaeology
  8. Getting Involved with Archaeology
  9. Trends in Archaeology
  10. Weird Archaeology
  11. Accidental Discoveries in Archaeology
  12. What’s Left to Be Discovered?

Dave Stotts and Randall Niles (both from Drive Thru History® Adventures) and Dr. Titus Kennedy, Ph.D., archaeologist, host each episode.  The episodes are a fascinating discussion, complete with Dave Stott’s sense of humor, and filled with pictures, slides, video clips on location, maps, and artifacts detailing the world of archaeology and its importance to understanding the Bible and the ancient world.

Downloadable and printable PDF Worksheets are included for students to follow along.  Each worksheet contains a written section summarizing the video episode, Scripture readings, discussion questions, and suggested optional activities. Answer Keys are provided as well.  

Each online episode includes the video and an online summary with full-color pictures discussing the impacts, technical aspects, and much more to help your students uncover the world of archaeology.  

Following the Video Episode, “Dig Deeper” Articles are included for further investigation and research. These are internet-linked to articles on the Drive Thru History® Adventures website and make a great addition to the study.

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