Python for Beginners: Learn Coding at Home Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Homeschool Code Academy.

There are thousands of jobs available in the computer industry. Many parents though do not feel comfortable trying to teach the subject of computer programming to their children. Homeschool Code Academy was created to allow children to explore and learn coding with computers, taking the pressure off of parents.

Homeschool Code Academy was created by software engineer, Matt Bohn. Currently, he has created a Python programming lesson series for students in Middle school grade levels through high school. Previous coding experience is not required. All that students need is a willingness to learn, and a computer to take the classes on.

Each lesson provides a pre-recorded video lesson, which students can watch at their own pace. This provides flexibility for students to be able to rewatch material as needed as they are progressing through the course.

Your student though will not just be watching how to program using Python. They will be programming with Python code. Using resources online, students will be able to take what they are learning and put it into practice. Matt presents challenges to the students to tackle at the various levels of programming skill using Python.

Students can really learn to have fun and create 2D graphics, and arcade style games using Python. The best part is that no previous experience is required. Homeschool Code Academy can be your student’s first experience with computer programming, or used by those who have taken other programming skills.

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  1. We are truly blessed and excited to read how families have integrated our online Python programming course into their homeschool. It means a lot to us when we get feedback from homeschool moms saying it was easier than they expected to get their kids started coding and learning a valuable skill. Thanks for all the awesome feedback!


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