Blog Cruise — Summer Staycation Ideas

Gas prices are high. Restaurant prices are ridiculous. Let’s not even talk about planes, hotels, and most “vacation” attractions. Most homeschool families are surviving on one income. Couple that with the crazy cost of everything just mentioned and many families are choosing to stay closer to home during vacation season. But, does that mean you … Read more

Knowledge Quest

This article is in collaboration with Knowledge Quest. Knowledge Quest has ” historical outline maps, timelines, geography curriculum such as A Child’s Geography and Expedition Earth, historical biographies your whole family will love, engaging mobile apps plus much more.” The Johnson family started their business, Knowledge Quest, Inc. in 2001 out of their own need … Read more

Keyboarding for the Christian School

This article is in collaboration with Keyboarding for the Christian School. Keyboarding for the Christian School is complete typing curriculum that will help you teach your children how to type using today’s technology; the Keyboard. Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Version, is designed to be used for grades K-5. Students will learn the basics … Read more

Spotlight on the Crew — Speech and Debate

{This week’s Spotlight on the Crew article is brought to you from Wendy, at  Homeschooling Blessings. Do you have a child who is very bright, loves to argue, and is sure that he knows everything? If so, then you might want to consider enrolling him in a speech and debate class! Ok, I’m kidding about thinking that … Read more

Apologia: Who Is My Neighbor? Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Apologia Educational Ministries. The people at Apologia have teamed up with Summit Ministries to create the “What We Believe” series to help you teach your children about the essential beliefs of the Christian faith. Our reviewers got to use the third book in this series, titled “Who Is My … Read more

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