Study Guides for Literature Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Progeny Press. Including quality reading material and classic literature in our homeschooling lessons is essential to a well-balanced education for our children. Literature guides from Progeny Press will help you take your literature studies to a new level. The mission of this company is “to teach our children to … Read more

Grammar Program Online Reviews

This article is in collaboration with GrammarPlanet. For the last several weeks, the Homeschool Review Crew has been brushing up on their grammar skills with one-year subscription to GrammarPlanet, a fully online Language Arts curriculum that teaches grammar, punctuation, and usage. Grammar planet can help your child better his writing skills, while also helping to … Read more

Online Reading Eggs Suite Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Reading Eggs. During the early elementary years, a homeschool parent’s focus is typically on the basics. You are helping your child to learn to read as well as helping them acquire basic math skills. These are formative lessons that when successfully learned will become the building blocks for future … Read more

New Study Guides for Literature From a Christian Perspective Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Progeny Press. Why merely read a book when you can step inside the pages and become a part of the story, exploring the powerful messages between the lines along with more about the author and what went into making the story a piece of great literature with some great … Read more

The Starfall Home Membership Reviews

This is sponsored content. Members of the crew have been reviewing the Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation with their families to work on valuable English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics skills. An annual membership, the Starfall Home Membership is a single account that can be used by all members of the family for … Read more

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