New Study Guides for Literature From a Christian Perspective Reviews

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Why merely read a book when you can step inside the pages and become a part of the story, exploring the powerful messages between the lines along with more about the author and what went into making the story a piece of great literature with some great eGuides from Progeny Press!

Help teach your children to think clearly as they enjoy reading and understanding literature with the light of scripture, truth and values, shining on their studies over the course of 8 to 10 weeks. Delve deeper into the meanings behind great literature that your children are studying with the help of a downloadable study guide in Adobe Acrobat Reader interactive PDF format that approaches the topic from a Christian perspective and allows you to interact with the eGuide, working directly on your computer. Or, if you prefer, you still have the ability to print off the pages for a traditional pen to paper experience.

The Homeschool Review Crew has had a chance to review titles including:

The Josefina Story Quilt – eGuide – by Eleanor Coerr, this book set in the Western United States in 1850 and recommended for Grades 1-3 is the source that launched a 34-page interactive eGuide written by Rebecca Gilleland.

The Scavengers – eGuide – Discover the author’s meaning behind this story about people who live in either UnderBubble or OutBubble in protected cities or the wilderness, and Ford Falcon’s family deals with modified foods and strange creatures. The eGuide is 73 pages and explores the background, pre-reading suggested activities, vocabulary activities, literary analysis and terminology questions, and critical analysis questions.

The Green Book – eGuide – By Jill Paton Walsh. Recommended for Grades 3-5, this science fiction imaginative book is the backbone for the 62-page interactive study guide written by Rebecca Gilleland.

Perelandra – eGuide – Dive into C.S. Lewis’ second book, recommended for Grades 9-12, with this science fiction story set on Venus. Enjoy the 63-page study eGuide written by Michael S. Gilleland that presents thought-provoking questions and insight into this British Literature packed with Christian analogy.

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