Raising Good Financial Stewards

Raising Good Financial Stewards Homeschooling Finds brought to you by The Old Schoolhouse® with photograph of teen putting money into a piggy bank

As parents we want the best for our children. We have hopes and dreams for them—sometimes even before they are born. And one of the dreams that parents might have includes raising children who are good financial stewards. Our children should manage the resources provided to them by God wisely. As homeschooling parents we are … Read more

Reading Eggs Subscription Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Blake eLearning Inc. Are you anything like me and really try to limit your kids screen time but when they do use it you want them to have a quality app to use? If so you’ll enjoy our reviewers takes on Reading Eggs from Blake eLearning Inc. Reading Eggs … Read more

240 Essential Reading Skills & 200 Essential Math Skills Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Reading Eggs. Most children today seem to love the world of online learning.  It can sometimes be a struggle to get children to balance their online time with hands-on books and workbooks.  If you find yourself needing a learning platform that offers this balance, Reading Eggs may just be … Read more

Online Reading Eggs Suite Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Reading Eggs. During the early elementary years, a homeschool parent’s focus is typically on the basics. You are helping your child to learn to read as well as helping them acquire basic math skills. These are formative lessons that when successfully learned will become the building blocks for future … Read more

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