Raising Good Financial Stewards

Raising Good Financial Stewards Homeschooling Finds brought to you by The Old Schoolhouse® with photograph of teen putting money into a piggy bank

As parents we want the best for our children. We have hopes and dreams for them—sometimes even before they are born. And one of the dreams that parents might have includes raising children who are good financial stewards. Our children should manage the resources provided to them by God wisely. As homeschooling parents we are … Read more

PersonalFinanceLab Budgeting Game, Stock Market Game Reviews

This article is in collaboration with PersonalFinanceLab.com. Do you have a middle school or high school student that would like to learn more about personal finance? For the past few weeks, the Homeschool Review Crew has had the opportunity to use the  Budgeting Game, Stock Market Game, and integrated curriculum from PersonalFinanceLab.com.  These resources are … Read more

Personal Finance Illustrated® Homeschool Edition Reviews

This article is in collaboration with PEM Life. One of the most important skills we can teach our youth is how to be financially stable.  If you have an older child, especially one in high school, you may want to check out PEM LIFE.  They offer a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum called Personal Finance Illustrated® … Read more

Budgeting 101

So, the “new” of the New Year has come and gone and one of the biggest resolutions normally right behind losing weight is saving money. Let me preface this by saying, I am not a financial expert.  I am a wife and mom trying to help our family remain a one income family. We have … Read more

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