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Reading is a fundamental education skill. Every parent wants their child to be successful in reading and seek out activities that will draw interest. A source of fun and interactive way for your child to learn to read is by using Reading Eggs. For many years Reading Eggs has been a trusted source of education used by many families. While reading is mentioned in the name since it specializes in this area, there is also a math component available. The platform offers four different reading components: Reading Eggs, Reading Eggs Junior, Fast Phonics, and Reading Eggspress. The math program it offers is called Mathseeds.

The reading programs offered through Reading Eggs are designed for children ages 2-13. However, if your child falls out of the recommended reading age, the program can still be used if your child struggles with reading. The program will help your child with more than just reading; it offers spelling, grammar, and comprehension activities too. Having all of these activities under one application makes the program a valuable resource for families. It can be used on a computer, Apple, or Android device. 

Learn to Read in Fun Ways

Is your child showing signs they are ready to learn to read? Are you wondering where to begin? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the options available? Take a quick look below at the offerings from Reading Eggs to see how they can benefit your child. 

Reading Eggs—Designed for children ages 3–7, it provides structured one-on-one lessons to teach letters, phonics, and sight words. 

Reading Eggs Junior—This program is designed for children ages 2–4. It is filled with fun animation, toddler games, and preschool activities that are sure to delight young children.

Fast Phonics—Ideal for emergent readers or readers that need some extra work. It is to boost a child’s letter-sound recognition skills and help with key phonics skills. This program contains activities that include letter‑sound recognition, blending, and spelling. Fast Phonics is great for children ages 5–10 who are beginning to learn to read, as well as older children who need some extra practice. 

Reading Eggspress—This level is designed for children ages 7–13. Using real reading books, improving spelling, and increasing reading comprehension through exciting and interactive content. 

Not sure which level to place your child at? Not to worry Reading Eggs has a placement test available that will start your child at the appropriate level. 

But don’t forget reading is not all that is offered. A math program for ages 3–9 is also available through Mathseeds. 

Mathseeds—This program teaches early math skills in structure lessons but keeps the interactive and fun element that keeps children interested. 

The parent dashboard makes it easy to check your child’s progress. You can view an estimated reading age plus find out the skills your child has mastered or is working on. Another great feature of the program is the ability to print off worksheets that correspond to the lessons your child is working on. This is great for children that need a little extra practice, not to mention it helps with writing skills. It also helps provide documentation for a portfolio or record-keeping if needed. They are also great for the times when your child is unable to use a device to use the program. 

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive reading program that covers phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency. It is a very engaging program with songs, colorful characters, and rewards that will keep your child interested and asking to do more.

So whether you are looking for a program that will help your child learn to read, maintain or build reading skills, or to practice math skills check out Reading Eggs!

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