Homeschooling during Periods of Transition

Whether dealing with an impending move, adding a new family member, dealing with illness or other unexpected or expected events, homeschooling during times of transition challenges even the most experienced homeschooling families. As a military family, our family has moved four times so far and are looking at another move coming within the next six … Read more

When Mom Learns – Mother Culture Explained

Young home educating moms have much to learn: how to teach math and phonics, how to keep records for portfolios, and eventually, how to make a transcript. While these are all valid things we should learn, we too often forget that mom needs to learn something else as well – something that can spark creativity … Read more

Unlocking the Potential in Your Children (PeopleKeys Review)

Have you ever wanted to know why your kids do the things they do, and what they’re thinking while they do it? Wondered exactly what motivates them, and wished you had a better understanding of how to help them effectively use that drive? Or, take it even farther, and use their unique personality to encourage, … Read more

Growth and Balance in Our Homeschool

When we first began homeschooling Elizabeth when she was about four years old, I kept everything very compartmentalized. I subscribed to the classical school method to a T. School time was in the mornings at the kitchen table, doing our lessons and workbooks. Eating time was for meals. Playtime was rest time for this pregnant … Read more

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