Unlocking the Potential in Your Children (PeopleKeys Review)

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Have you ever wanted to know why your kids do the things they do, and what they’re thinking while they do it? Wondered exactly what motivates them, and wished you had a better understanding of how to help them effectively use that drive? Or, take it even farther, and use their unique personality to encourage, motivate and enable them to be the student – and person – you know they have inside?

PeopleKeys has tools that enable you – and your child – the power to peek inside the traits that make them who they are. Crew members have been discovering the power of knowledge, and how it can make all the difference that matters in their relationships with those around them.

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The StudentKeys Student Binder contains six easy-to-use workbooks that allow students to understand their natural talents and inclinations. When students – and parents – adapt their environment to take advantage of their personal traits, success and satisfaction with their education often follow. ($49)

All six workbooks are also available individually, and include:

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In the Personality Style Workbook, students identify their own personality type and are introduced to the idea of personality types. By understanding variables in motivation and other personality characteristics, students complete this workbook with a plan of action for improving their relationships and communication with those around them. ($13)

The primary task of the Perceptual Learning Style Workbook is to allow students to identify, understand, and effectively utilize their particular learning style(s). The method instruction is presented in can result in profound differences between students of similar capabilities, based on how well the learners to that style. When students are aware of the ways in which they learn best, they are more likely to adapt – and receive – direction that is appropriate for their needs. ($13)

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What about the ways in which a person naturally prefers to think? In the Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook, students learn to identify the four cognitive styles in an effort to better understand and apply their own preferences. Thinking style has an impact on everything from how a person relates to others to the effect various learning environments will have on them. Adopting study habits that facilitate their preferences can have a positive effect on grades and may even guide them in choosing career paths that most effectively use their traits. ($13)

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A person’s values impact their perception of the world and their place within it. Personal values affect every choice a person makes: friends, fun, work, interactions – every choice they make in life is directed by their core values. Once a person understands their inner value system through the Values Style Workbook, differences between their inner motivations and those of others can be explored. ($13)


The Career Choice Workbook is ideal for high school or college students who are planning future careers, or anyone consider a potential career change. It matches career options with a person’s individual personality type according to the DISC profile, and includes potential earnings and job outlook forecast for many job clusters. ($13)


Also recommended for high school and college students, the Goal Setting Style Workbook guides the student in examining how their personality type typically approaches goals, and aids them in the creation of workable goals, individualized with their personality in mind. ($13)

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Designed expressly for ease of use by ages 9-13, the Children’s Profile workbook is an alternative to the more challenging Student Keys material listed above. Written at an appropriate level, children can read and score themselves, and are encouraged to learn more about their own – and others – personalities so that they enhance their relationships with siblings, parents, friends, and teachers. It’s also suggested that parents, along with all children, use the assessments so that they may facilitate better communication among family members. ($15)

Online alternatives are also available for StudentKeys materials:

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The Student Strengths Report is an online version assessments included in three of the StudentKeys Workbooks described above: DISC Personality Style, Perceptual Learning Style, Cognitive Thinking Style. Students receive a report that details their personality traits, along with recognizing how they best learn, think, and communicate. In addition to determining how they best absorb and process information, the report informs students of why it’s important to be aware of learning styles, incorporates tips on enhancing their strengths and relationships. It ends with an action plan to encourage them in applying what they have learned. ($20)

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For those that are only interested in determining their personality style with the DISC method, the Personality Style Report online is just that; a quick and simple method for determining personality and how it affects connections and communications between people. With no wait for shipping, one can complete the assessment and put the practical suggestions into use shortly after purchase. ($12)

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The DISC Career Style Report is similar in scope to the above Career Choice Workbook, identifying workplace requirements and matching personality and behavioral style to particular career prospects. With a greater comprehension of oneself, a job seeker can carve out a career path that matches their skill set and personal preferences from the very beginning. They are then able to make career choices and meet challenges with assurance that they do have the skills necessary to get the job done. ($32)

With a variety of options configurable at need, the wealth of tools from PeopleKeys allow homeschool parents to fulfill the role of guidance councilor, career adviser, and relationship expert, all from the comfort of their home – and with their child actively participating every step of the way.


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A big thank you to Shawna Bradley of Tenacity Divine for writing this introductory post.

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