Field Tripping Our Way Through a Smashbook

I know many homeschooling moms love to scrapbook but I’m not certain how many have jumped onto the fun of smashbooking. What is a smashbook you ask, well it is kind of like a scrapbook but more freeform and (possibly) a little bit messier. For years I have turned my planners into smashbooks as I … Read more

Field Trip Fridays with Dad

Dads are really indispensable in parenting and the homeschool journey is no different.  As a Mom you need their support and encouragement and if you’re anything like me you also need their involvement.  One area my husband excels at is field trips!  So we have instituted “Field Trip Fridays with Dad” (though this is flexible … Read more

Hands On, Experiential and Non-Book Learning Round UP

One of the most amazing benefits we have as home educating families is being able to use plenty of hands on learning opportunities for our children.  Today the Homeschool Review Crew would like to share a few ideas with you on how to get hands on learning happening in your homeschool Amanda @ Hopkins Homeschool … Read more

Get Outdoors!! Field Trips to the Zoo…

Get Outdoors!! Field Trips to the Zoo… The zoo is a popular field trip for most families. We maintain a yearly membership and go often, but a few years ago, we started doing ‘focused trips. Rather than idly meandering around the zoo, as we did when they were toddlers, we had the kids each pick … Read more

Enriching Our Homeschool with a Museum Visit {Homeschool Link Up}

If you are anything like our family, you are often asked about socialization when you homeschool. “Aren’t you concerned about EJ not being able to interact with other children?” they will ask. Of course, this was one of our daughter’s questions when she decided to return to work and allow him to travel with me … Read more

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