Road & Vacation Schooling

Our family road schools, which means that we travel throughout the year, focusing on studies on the opportunities we meet each week. One week, we might be studying the American Revolution in Boston. Another week, we might be studying marine biology in Oregon. It’s all about immersion learning and getting hands-on. That doesn’t mean that … Read more

Field Trip Inspiration: Round UP

One of the best parts of home education is the freedom to explore your local community. Field trips are a wonderful way to fully immerse your family in learning.  I came to realize that as a homeschool mom it is good to go out and use the environment and immerse my children in experiential learning.  … Read more

Making History Come Alive

When I was in school, I never had much interest in history. It seemed boring, archaic, and not relevant to me at all. My high school World History teacher’s methods only confirmed just how boring history could be! Then I went to a Christian boarding school. Since I’d already had World History, I didn’t have … Read more

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