CAN the homeschool cooperative model work for your situation?

Walking into our homeschool setting may cause questions as to just what we are. On any given weekday (except Mondays), you’ll find two moms, one babysitter/housekeeper/all-around-right-hand, one extremely occupied dad and seven energetic kids (including three fosters). Each day we go about the business of learning and educating in at least two languages. And each … Read more

8 Practical Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Cooperative!

You are thinking about running a homeschool cooperative (co-op)! Congratulations, this might just turn out to be one of the most fun things you ever do in your homeschool mom career. It could also be one of the toughest. Before you embark on this journey stop and take the time to consider these sometimes practical … Read more

6 Ideas for Building Homeschool Community

  From outdoor adventures, to co-ops to online support groups, being proactive as a home educator creates not only solutions, but also delight! In fact, through living by the motto, “If you cannot find it, create it!”,  many home educators (myself included) find themselves initiating a wide variety of activities, events and niche groups that … Read more

Five Things I Learned from Beginning a Co-op (or NOT Beginning a Co-op)

I am a “strong-willed” person. I am passionate. I am a mover and a shaker. Can you relate? We’re the ones assigned jobs because others know we’ll get them done. This also is true when I get an idea in my head and I know I want to see it come to fruition. I WILL … Read more

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop — Homeschool Co-ops

Welcome to our 5th and final day of the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop! We hope you have enjoyed your time with members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew this week. If you haven’t yet checked out days 1-4, be sure to do so! Monday — Homeschool Methods Tuesday — Homeschool Curriculum Wednesday — Homeschool Planning … Read more

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