How To Add A Library Day In Your Weekly Homeschool Schedule

You can be a princess or a knight saving the princess. You can be a detective on the hunt for the next set of clues. You can be an animal and have conversations with other animals. You can learn all about the different dinosaurs or all about the world’s active volcanoes. All of these insights … Read more

Loop Schedule: The Secret to Preventing Homeschool Burnout

The “loop schedule” is my secret weapon for preventing homeschool mom burnout. This brilliant homeschool schedule idea has saved my sanity. Why is a loop schedule so great? It relieves the feeling that you’re not doing enough. Also, when we’re using a loop schedule, we actually get more done! What Is a Homeschool Loop Schedule? … Read more

Using the Community in Your Homeschool

Homeschooling can be a daunting task when you think that you were in charge of coming up with all of the educational material for your children. Luckily if you know how you can utilize your community in your homeschool. There are so many different resources and places that you can find educational materials and experiences … Read more

Top Ways to Use Fairy Tales In Your Homeschool

“Once upon a time…”  Ahh… the most exciting four words I heard for years. Honestly, they still bring a source of comfort and excitement. I feel positively giddy when I hold a book of fairy tales in my hands or read them to my children. I love seeing their faces when they fit pieces together … Read more

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