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Welcome to our 5th and final day of the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop! We hope you have enjoyed your time with members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew this week. If you haven’t yet checked out days 1-4, be sure to do so!

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This week we’ll touch on Homeschool Co-ops.

A Homeschool Co-op is typically defined as a group of homeschool families who meet together on a regular basis and teach cooperatively, meaning each mom or dad teaches classes for the students of the other families. Typically each parent will have an area of interest or expertise in which he or she wishes to teach. For example, a homeschool mom who is also a nurse might teach anatomy and physiology. A homeschool dad who is a software engineer might teach a class in learning to use the computer.

There are many choices in homeschool co-ops for most homeschoolers. And just as many reasons for taking part in them. There are co-ops with a very narrow focus (nature co-ops), some completely for enrichment (art, music, woodworking), still others that can help you with the basics (writing, math, book clubs) and some with a combination of it all. Some families aren’t particularly picky about the coursework, but are instead interested in finding families with similar values in order to for relationships.

Perhaps you’re wondering what the benefits and downsides of homeschool co-ops can be?

Whatever your reason for starting, joining, or considering a co-op, today’s Back to Homeschool: Homeschool Co-ops Blog Hop can help!

We’ve had a great week with the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. We hope you have been inspired by all of the amazing articles! Thanks for stopping by!

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