TruthQuest History Reviews

This article is in collaboration with TruthQuest History. TruthQuest History is a deep and rich literature-based history study…but with a difference. You will not learn the story of mankind; you will learn the lovestory of mankind. You will not focus on the rise and fall of human civilizations; you will focus on the arrow-straight line … Read more

Blog Cruise ~ Favorite History Resource

Homeschool moms just love talking curriculum. It’ s usually THE topic of conversation when you first discover someone else homeschools. Questions such as, “What do you use for math?”, or “What’s your favorite grammar curriculum?” rank at the top of my list of “frequently asked questions I hear most”. A couple of weeks ago, the … Read more

Blog Cruise ~ Extracurricular Activities

From co-ops to sports, AWANA to band, music lessons to scouting, the opportunities for outside activities abounds for many homeschoolers. It is sometimes difficult to choose! For some families, their days are filled with these kinds of activities, while for others, keeping it all at home is important. This week, we thought it would be … Read more

Blog Cruise ~ Time for Spouse

Homeschooling. Grocery shopping. Cooking. Housecleaning. Wife. Mother. Nurse. Taxi driver. Chef. Life is busy when you’re a homeschool teacher. Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew tackle this question this week: How do you make time for your spouse? For Lexi at Lextin Academy, creativity is key when finding ways to connect with her husband in … Read more

Blog Cruise ~ Science Resources

From plants and animals to magnets and space, chemistry and physics to biology and aeronautics, science is a popular and favorite subject among homeschoolers. There’s a plethera of resources available to help us teach our little Einsteins, too. So for this week’s Blog Cruise, we are curious about what science resources you have found really … Read more

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