Blog Cruise: Summer Field Trips

For many of you, school is out for the summer. For others of you, school continues right on through the warmer weather. Either way, oftentimes, the sunnier days inspire more hands-on, outdoor, out of the classroom kind of learning.

Summer abounds with opportunities for both fun in the sun and learning  outside the classroom! From zoos and state fairs, to nature walks and museums, no matter where you live or vacation, you’re sure to find lots of places to go in the summer.

In this week’s Blog Cruise, members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew take you on a tour of some of their favorite Summer Field Trips!

Won’t you come along?

Melissa L. @ Grace Christian Academy — Summer, Summer Summer Time

“During summer, we lighten our load.  One thing I try to stay intentional about is at least an outing every week.  These can certainly be called our summer field trips.  “

Angie W. @ Petra SchoolSummer Kick-off Field Trip: Free Fishing Weekend

“It’s clear and brisk at 7:45 in the morning on the opening day of Free Fishing Weekend. The gear is all set up, the worms are squirmy, the coffee is steamy and the anticipation is electric. At 8 a.m., the whistle will blow  – and lures will sail into the water.”

Heather A. @ Only Passionate CuriosityThe ABCs of Summer

“I am determined to get the kids and I out of the house this summer. I tend to be a bit of a homebody, but Europe is just begging to be explored! My girlfriend shared this wonderful idea for summer fun, and we are going to do it too.”

Stefanie S. @ Life with My Giggly GirlsField Trips, Get Wet Edition

“We’re pretty consistent about continuing our outings through out the summer. The main difference between summer trips and school year trips is that a great deal of our outings involve water. Lots and lots of water.”

Kayla A. @ The Arrowood ZooField Trips ~ We love them! 

“Field Trips are like a free day around here. Not that we aren’t learning its just that schooling isn’t always done in the home (or school). Learning out side the box is a wonderful way to get kids engaged into the topic or subject that you are learning about. “

Lisa B. @ The Berry PatchBusy Summer Plans

“One of the benefits of homeschooling is that the learning never ends. Even when “summer break” is here, learning still happens. “

Shanna @ Learning at His FeetFun in the Sun ~ Top Ten Summer Field Trips

“It’s so much easier to get our crew out the door and to a field trip when I’m not worried about the daily schedule.  And who really worries about a schedule in the summer anyway?! So, without further ado, I present to you our Top 10 Summer Field Trips…”

Kym T. @ Homeschool Coffee BreakSummer Field Trips: Seeing the Sights Along the Way

“Summer is the perfect time for us to visit some of the local museums, parks and historical sites in the local area.”

Laura O. @ Day by Day in Our WorldSummer Field Trips for Fun Learning Adventures

“In Alaska, the warm weather months seem to go by quickly and many people cram as much activity as possible into these long days.  Our family is no exception and we occasionally have to get creative with piecing together fun adventures for the family that also allow for learning.”

Cariann M. @ Unionvale HomeschoolStaycation, School and Adventures

“Play tourist in your own county by checking out all those travel brochures usually found at the visitor information centers in rest stops, you may even find something new.”

Lori S. @ Special Connection HomeschoolCivil War Days ~ A Time Traveling Field Trip

“Field Trips involving history are always fun, but there is nothing more fun than actually traveling back to the past and experiencing the history as it happens! “

Christa D. @ Fairfield Corner AcademyWhere are we going this summer?

“We will be attending several of her Day Camps and Field Trips, and we are looking forward to it! We will be hitting places in AR, learning about The Natural State.”

Angela W. @ The Wellspring of LifeCaffeinated Kids

“With a group of friends, we toured the Ale-8-One factory.  If you are a Kentuckian, you are familiar with this soft drink, sweet nectar, or KY Swamp Water… a matter of opinion on the taste 🙂  (I have always been a fan!)”

Marisa C. @ Lighthouse Classical AcademyRoad Trips AAAAHHHH

 “Summer is the time for road trips and vacations and big field trips. Several times I have driven 2000 miles round trip with all 4 children by myself. Many think I am brave- I just figure we wouldn’t go if I didn’t do it so I better figure out a system. And I have!”

Jennifer M. @ A Glimpse of Our LifePacking and Planning

“When we first knew that our family would be able to participate in a mission trip this summer, we brought home stacks of library books about Virginia (our main destination) and Washington D.C. (a highly anticipated day trip.)”

Alyson B. @ Family Style SchoolSummer Field Trips on the Cheap

“Pretend like you are going to be a tourist in your own town/county.  Research on the internet on your state. county or cities websites.  Request a tourist catalog if one is available.”

Marcy @ Ben and MeRoad Trip Kentucky: 10 Summer Field Trip Ideas

“Whether you live in Kentucky, live within a half day drive of Kentucky, or are just looking for a great summer vacation idea, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed visiting any of these Kentucky sites!”

I hope you now have some great ideas for exploring field trips this summer! Join us next week when the Crew shares lots of creative ideas for Summer Camping!

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