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     Prepared lesson plans. Online content. More than 25 subjects, written for Preschool through High School. All ready at the click of a mouse. That is, the lastest product brought to the homeschool community by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Included in are real live teachers for most every subject, providing lesson plans for students of … Read more

What’s new at Check it out!

   What’s new at Check it out! Teresa Evans will keep your children engaged with Everyday Games that teach math and reading! Everyday Games will make its debut on December 3. Check out a sample of math games now! Thanksgiving may be over, but the blessings we receive during this holiday season are not. … Read more is the latest venture from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, featuring online content designed for and by home educators.  It offers resources for kindergarten through high school in all the major subjects.  Topics include lapbooking, chemistry, special needs, creative writing, math, monthly reading lists, monthly special themes, and more.  The lessons and activities are available … Read more

What is

Marcy, one of the Crew’s best and beloved assistants, decided to share her thoughts about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s exciting brand new!  If you don’t know about or want to understand what it is all about, read this great review! Thanks, Marcy, for sharing it with us! You may have noticed that the new digital … Read more

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