Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis Reviews

This is sponsored content. Sharon Watson is a veteran homeschool mom and co-op teacher with a passion for helping middle and high school students develop writing skills with courses that can be taught at home.  Curriculum from Writing With Sharon Watson is written directly to the student, along with step-by-step examples to help the parents with the … Read more

Forbrain Review

This is sponsored content. Do you have a child with speech or attention problems? Or maybe you need help yourself? Or how about one or both of you need to work on memorization skills? If so, award-winning Forbrain may be just what you need. Using the audio-vocal loop, Forbrain allows the user to hear themselves … Read more

Thinking Like an Architect or Engineer Reviews

This is sponsored content. Today, parents and teachers are hearing the term STEM, but they might not know how or where to get the resources they need to help their students with the T and the E. How do you plan to incorporate technology and engineering into your child’s education? When you were in school … Read more

Thin Stix Creativity Pack Reviews

This is sponsored content. Mess free creativity is music to any mother’s ears and finding a paint alternative for younger students is a miracle that The Pencil Grip company have blessed the members of our Crew with.  For the last few weeks our Crew have been creating mess free art using this beautiful 24 color … Read more

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