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Today, parents and teachers are hearing the term STEM, but they might not know how or where to get the resources they need to help their students with the T and the E. How do you plan to incorporate technology and engineering into your child’s education? When you were in school it might have been called Industrial Arts, or shop class. The challenge has been finding modern resources to teach these skills to the over 1 million home school and private school students who have a natural bent, or gifting, towards using technology and engineering to solve real world problems.

Innovators Tribe currently has two online, self-paced courses for students in grades 6-12 that can help them learn how to become those real life problem solvers: Thinking Like and Engineer and Thinking Like an Architect. Each of these courses is approximately 30 hours long (including activities) and can be used at the student’s own pace. Online support and access is provided for one year from the date of purchase.

Students in Thinking Like an Engineer will both learn about the various types of engineers as well as do several hands-on activities and design challenges. The program includes 3D CAD design software they will use to design and build a roller coaster, a bridge, and a Rube Goldberg machine.

Students who take the Thinking Like an Architect course will learn both about architecture and what an architect is and does. They will learn about the tools and skills of an architect, like reading blueprints and using an architect scale, and then use some of those tools to design floor plans. This course includes 3D software to design their own house and then print it out to create a 3D paper model.

Innovators Tribe has made hands-on real life STEM education accessible and affordable.

Visit the Innovators Tribe website to read all the details and see the syllabus and materials list for each class.

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