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Do you have a child with speech or attention problems? Or maybe you need help yourself? Or how about one or both of you need to work on memorization skills? If so, award-winning Forbrain may be just what you need.

Using the audio-vocal loop, Forbrain allows the user to hear themselves more clearly than before, thus boosting performance. Forbrain increase high frequency vibration to help those using it to create and process sound. Forbrain can be used by children and adults to read aloud, while working on memorization, and even singing! Forbrain’s dynamic filter also improves the user’s overall vestibular system including motor planning, balance, and spatial orientation by training your body to receive better quality sensory information.

Sound for Life LTD sent the crew some of their Forbrain headsets to try. These headsets feature innovative bone conduction technology that transmit the sound of your voice ten times faster, and more clearly than air conduction. These headsets can be used by children as young as four, all the way up to adults!

Why should you use Forbrain? Forbrain makes uses of an audio-vocal loop where you speak, and the sound is transmitted directly to your cochlea vestibule nerve in your inner ear. By use of a dynamic filter that blocks out environmental sounds, Forbrain isolates and amplifies the user’s own voice and enhances certain frequencies of speech. This gives the user the ability to hear themselves much more clearly than they do with air conduction only. By utilizing this special technology, Forbrain helps to improve attention and focus, enhances short term memory, and improves overall speech.

Forbrain comes with suggested duration for use that go up to 3 times a day, for 20 minutes each session, depending on age and need. Forbrain can be used by children and adults  to read aloud, work on memorization and recitation, during general conversations, and even while singing.

Hear yourself like never before with Forbrain by Sound for Life LTD!

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