Jump In, 2nd Edition Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Writing with Sharon Watson. Asking a group of homeschool moms which subject is hardest is a bit like asking, ‘What do you like on your pizza?’ Answers will be all over the place – many homeschoolers dread teaching writing. It can be a challenge to encourage our students to … Read more

Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis Reviews

This is sponsored content. Sharon Watson is a veteran homeschool mom and co-op teacher with a passion for helping middle and high school students develop writing skills with courses that can be taught at home.  Curriculum from Writing With Sharon Watson is written directly to the student, along with step-by-step examples to help the parents with the … Read more

Composition in High School Writing with Sharon Watson Review

This article is in collaboration with Writing With Sharon Watson. The ability to communicate clearly in writing is such an important skill for high schoolers, and homeschool families want their students to excel in this area as well. Teaching, reviewing, and grading high school writing can be a challenge for even seasoned home educators. Sharon … Read more

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