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As I have been planning our new school year, I have found myself struggling with what to teach for some classes, such as history and writing. Do you ever find yourself in this situation? Have you ever felt you lack the ability to teach a subject well enough for your child to learn? I have heard some of my homeschooling friends say they are unable to teach math once their kids have finished algebra. While I feel confident that I can teach math beyond algebra, the issue I face is in the form of a teenager who would prefer to never see another math problem in her life. All of my ability is worthless if she has no desire. Anybody with me on this one?

Thankfully, there is an answer. There is a place that brings nearly 100 classes and loads of bonuses right into your own home on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Don’t worry! There is no junk mail. You won’t be filling your garbage can full of things that are cluttering your home. That’s the beauty of this place—you choose what to take advantage of. Where can so many wonderful things be found in one place you ask? has lessons for preschool through high school for everything from beginning reading to Renaissance history. There are different levels of math, numerous writing courses, several types of art classes, instruction in musical instruments and voice, foreign language lessons, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, ancient history, colonial history, geography, public speaking, logic, and more. New lessons are provided on a weekly basis for most classes; some are monthly. And new and exciting classes are introduced throughout the year.
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Through, talented instructors have come together to share their love and knowledge of the subjects they have offered to teach. You’ll find professors, business owners, scientists, and other homeschooling moms who understand the importance of a good education and the calling of homeschooling our children. These folks have volunteered to provide lessons so that you don’t have to in a wide variety of subjects.
Not only do the children benefit from, but parents do as well, especially moms. Just as the instructors understand the importance of education, others understand the importance of encouragement for the homeschooling mom along this journey. There are Bible studies and monthly menus. Lessons on making foods and cleaning products from scratch are available as well. Back issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and assistance in homeschooling through high school are included in membership, as are preschool lessons and special needs resources. I wish was around when my children were in preschool. Those lessons are amazing! Different homeschooling methods are represented on If you are using a Charlotte Mason approach or are more of a traditional homeschooler, you will find classes for your style. Try a sampling of the offerings, and you have just become an eclectic homeschooler. Different learning styles have also been addressed. Many of the classes, not just science, are perfect for kinesthetic learners. Some classes include videos for auditory and visual learners, as well as worksheets and activities that encourage observation of the outdoors. Are you beginning the high school journey with your kids this year? Does the idea of homeschooling through high school make you a bit nervous? There is no need to worry. Many of the high school classes can be taken for credit. A guide is available to understand this process. Assistance is available for understanding how to keep a transcript. High school students can obtain help in choosing a career and increasing the likelihood of acceptance into the college of their choice. Besides the weekly class offerings, has daily lessons for things like grammar and spelling. There are writing prompts and lessons on Shakespeare. Games and puzzles have also been created to provide a fun and interactive learning environment. Students can explore the world and study a piece of art over a two-week period like a miniature unit study. They are encouraged to discover and investigate the world around them. is truly unique in its design. Where else can you purchase three years’ worth of classes with such a varied assortment for one extremely low price and be able to pick and choose which classes your student will take? Where else can you receive the same level of expertise and wisdom from instructors who understand your decision to homeschool your children? With so many choices and so much help for your homeschool in one handy place, you and your children will benefit from membership in
Tammie Bairen is a homeschooling mom of three children—two in high school—who has been married for 20 years. She is currently an editor for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and a small publishing company. She enjoys teaching at her homeschool co-op and challenging students to achieve their God-given potential. You can find her blogging about homeschooling and life, in general, at Living Life As It Unfolds.

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