Homeschool Classrooms Crew Carnival

Homeschool Classrooms

Lexi @ Lextin Academy — A Tour of Our Homeschool Room

We did a slight redo of our homeschool room this summer. I moved some things around and did some major cleaning out (and boy did it need it!!!). So, let me take you on a tour of our homeschool room. I cleaned it just for you! It will not look this good again until next summer…

Lextin Academy

LaRee @ Broad Horizons — This is Where We Do School

We have a schoolroom, but we tend to do school all over our house too! So I thought I’d just generally show you where we do school . . .

Kemi @ Homemaking Organized — Organizing the Homeschool Room

I’ve been loving the all white homeschool rooms outfitted with all Ikea so I’ve been planning to something rather similar once we moved to our new home.

Lori @ At Home: where life happens — Our Homeschool Room

Living with an open-floor plan with no school room means we learn where we live and use various areas to create comfortable nooks and crannies for reading and working.

Renee @ Little Homeschool on the Prairie —  Our Homeschool Classroom

Our school year is approaching fast. I love having a dedicated space just for homeschooling.

Little Homeschool on the Prairie

Shecki @ Greatly Blessed — My Unpinnable School Room

It’s not a Pinterest-perfect school room, and you won’t find it in a glossy homeschool magazine, but it works for us.

Lisa @ Farm Fresh Adventures — Our School Space

My pride and joy of the classroom is this full size white board! Yes, it IS FULL SIZED! My husband snagged this too from the school they were demolishing and was quite proud of this find!

Nicole @ Journey to Excellence — Clear the Dishes, It’s Time for School

We do not have a designated school room. Even if we had a room we could use, we wouldn’t. We just aren’t happy unless we have made a mess from one end of the house to the other … Life is school and we don’t like being closed off.

Marcy @ Ben and Me — The World is Our Homeschool Classroom

I thought I would show some pictures of our homeschool spaces. Yes, spaces, plural. Because while we have this lovely homeschool room, complete with a computer desk, printing station, sofa for reading, maps, bookshelves, and a storage closet . . . the whole world (or at least the United States) is our HOMESCHOOL CLASSROOM!

Washington DC-Mt. Vernon-Williamsburg May, 2010 165

Tess @ Circling Through This Life — Making Do Without a Homeschool Room

What I’ve learned in 18 years of homeschooling: a separate, dedicated space isn’t necessary. The dining room table, kitchen counter, living room couch, bed, or floor all work just fine.

Annette @ A Net in Time Homeschool — The joys of a mostly clean book room

Book room? Shouldn’t it be a school room?
Eh.. perhaps.. but I’ve always called it the bookroom. It used to be the “pastor’s study” then become “the library” and now I call it the bookroom.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break — Our Homeschool Classrooms Photojournal

Today will be the first official day of our school year, and… this is what I anticipate our “classrooms” will look like as we get going this year.

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — Homeschooling in the Corner

While I do wish I had a separate room (largely so I could shut the door and at least corral the mess) it is nice to at least have a corner. And, honestly, my kids would probably just end up in the living room anyway!!

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