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Welcome to the fourth edition of the 2021 Homeschool Review Crew monthly blog post round up. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and be encouraged by the Review Crew team.

Homeschool Review Crew Homeschool Blog Post Round Up

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Encouragement from the Crew

Yvie @ Homeschool on the Range shares

The Lie About Loneliness.png

Amy @ Mrs. Write Balance shares

  • The Lie About Loneliness – You’re not the only one who feels lonely a lot. For every person who could write volumes of praise about their best friend or circle of friends, there are half a dozen other people who would admit they feel lonely a lot and not satisfied with the friends they may or may not have.
  • Is ADHD a Cop-out? – Is ADHD a Copout? If you would have asked me several years ago, I would have sheepishly said yes. I simply thought it was boys who can’t seem to sit still combined with a few unhealthy habits. I assumed that with a good diet, choice supplements, and more time in nature, any ADD/ADHD sufferer should be fine.

A teenage homeschooler who is not college-bound.

Jenny @ Faith and Good Works shares

best educational board games for kids

Sarah @ Homeschooling 4 Him shares

  • The Complete Gameschooling Guide – In Gameschooling, families choose to use board games to homeschool instead of worksheets and textbooks. In this post, you’ll learn why you might want to try gameschooling in your homeschool, and exactly how to get started.
  • 41 Best Educational Board Games for Kids – Board games can be a great tool for homeschool families who want to teach their kids and learn together while doing it. Here is a list of teacher- and homeschool parent-recommended board games that are great for homeschooling!
  • How to Make a Lapbook – Lapbooks are a fun and hands-on way for kids to remember and apply what they are learning in their homeschool lessons. Here you’ll find directions for how to design and create a lapbook of your own, and reasons why lapbooks are a great solution for homeschool families.
  • All About Copywork for Homeschoolers – Copywork is a great way to teach kids about grammar and writing while exposing them to poetry and great works of literature. Here’s what you need to know to get started with copywork, and how to include it in your homeschool.

easy food for the road

Annette @ A Net in Time shares

  • Chance – Escape from the Holocaust – Read the story of a Jewish Boy, an artist, an his escape from the holocaust.
  • Easy Food for the Road – Searching for easy food to take along with you on a field or road trip? Some ideas for you that are easy to do.
  • What to pack for a field trip – Sometimes it’s hard to remember what you need to pack along for a field trip. Make a list following these suggestions.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills – Seeking to boost the entrepreneurial skills of your children? Courses, methodology, and examples given to help boost the independence and business skills of your children.

Candy @ Candy Foote Club shares

Follow God's people through the Bible with this children's workbook. Perfect for homeschool or Sunday school kids.

Ellen @ Homeschooling Highway shares

Lori @ At Home: where life happens shares

  • I Triumphed – A sink full of clean dishes inspires a feeling of triumph and reminds me about all I accomplished by cooking that meal.
  • Scripture Writing – Stumbling upon a group writing the book of Acts has brought many unexpected benefits and challenges.
  • Indoor Games for Middle and High School – Introducing some indoor games for middle school and high school that bring a bit more challenge for their advancing skills.
  • A Gift Idea for That Child Who Loves to Bake – A quick and easy gift that will bring a full year of benefits to a child who just adores time in the kitchen and learning new skills.

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