LeapFrog Academy® One Year Subscription Reviews

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In the age of tablets and digital learning, there’s a familiar name that’s providing help for parents of younger kids. From LeapFrog® (yes, that LeapFrog®) comes LeapFrog Academy®, a program specially designed for kids ages 3-6.

Well-known for many years thanks to their learning toys, LeapFrog Academy®  is an online program that can be accessed through a web browser or on their app (iOS or Android). The learning games provide a plethora of activities for your children and go well beyond just one subject. Often, you’ll need one program for each subject (even if you’re working digitally). Not so with LeapFrog Academy®. Just one subscription covers reading and writing, math, problem-solving, science, creativity, and health.

Each child gets their own setup within the family account, so there’s no arguing over who’s done what and which kid gets the next turn. The children just choose their name from the icons and off they go. When you as the parent set up those accounts, it asks for the child’s age. With that information, the program automatically assigns them the appropriate lessons.

Children move along a “map” in the program, and the map is full of little games and activities designed specifically for the level your child is at. As they succeed at the games, bridges are built allowing them to move on to other areas of the map, and when they’ve completed one map they get a brand new one to work through.

Outside of the map, kids can choose other options as well, which include books, games, puzzles, videos, music, and art. There’s even an entire section devoted to STEM.

No matter what age your kids are, from the youngest toddler who is ready to begin pre-reading (or frankly, when you just need a little break to help other kids) up to first graders who need something a bit more, LeapFrog Academy®  is a sure-fire winner!

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