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As I browse through photo-sharing sites like Instagram, I am seeing more and more homeschooling families who are posting photographs of time spent outside. From more formal lessons using workbooks to science lessons where children are exploring the seashore, more families are able to take advantage of the warmer weather to homeschool outside. And what better way to spend a homeschool day than on a picnic? 

How Will You Spend Your Picnic Day?

When our family goes on a picnic, we generally pick a specific location to visit where we can spend a day and learn something new. For example, we may take a trip to the seashore and visit a lighthouse. Or we may visit one of the many historic sites around us, tour the museums on-site, and enjoy the available picnic tables and benches provided to eat outside in the warm weather. Some of our favorite places allow our homeschool family to spend time learning both indoors and outdoors – while also providing playgrounds for our younger children to run around and have fun.

You could also very easily enjoy a picnic in your own backyard. Grab a picnic basket to carry everything outside, and set your table or tablecloth with your favorite snacks and treats. Anytime we can do something new and different, we are able to create wonderful memories for our children. And don’t forget to bring your current read-aloud book with you!

Pack Your Picnic Supplies 

If you plan on enjoying the outdoors for your perfect picnic day, you may pack binoculars, sketchbooks and pencils, a camera, and folding chairs so you can observe nature around you. What about if your picnic takes place at a historic site? You might want your children to bring a little pocket money, in case the museum has a gift shop, so they can purchase a small memento of their picnic adventure. 

Packing food and drinks can sometimes prove to be a challenge depending upon what specific type of meal you want to bring on your perfect picnic. When I pack up our sandwiches, drinks, and snacks, I use not only our large cooler but also smaller insulated bags. I particularly like bags that have a zipper to help keep our drinks cold for summer traveling. 

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Time with Family and God 

Going on a picnic can be something you do with your immediate family or enjoy with your extended family and friends. Through spending time in the midst of the nature of God, we can share our faith and hope for our children as they grow in the knowledge of our faith. Every moment – even perfect picnics – are ones where we can spend time honoring God.


Thank you to Kristen at A Mom’s Quest to Teach for writing this post. 

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