How We Garden {with kids}

I know we all live in different climates but here in Maine, March signifies something wonderful. It is the time of the year we begin to turn our minds towards spring. Usually, in late February, stores begin to put out some seed packets. Seed catalogs begin to arrive in our mailboxes and our minds turn … Read more

Perfect Picnic

Perfect Picnic with photograph of picnic basket on blanket HomeschoolingFinds brought to you by The Old Schoolhouse®

As I browse through photo-sharing sites like Instagram, I am seeing more and more homeschooling families who are posting photographs of time spent outside. From more formal lessons using workbooks to science lessons where children are exploring the seashore, more families are able to take advantage of the warmer weather to homeschool outside. And what … Read more

Homeschool Travel Advice

Just two years ago, traveling was our life… it’s so hard to believe how much things can change in such a short span of time!  We spent nearly six years on the road, traveling around the United States and occasionally out of country, and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.  If you ever have the chance … Read more

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