Activity Bags

This article is in collaboration with Activity Bags. For the past few weeks, the Review Crew has had the pleasure of reviewing many products from Activity Bags.  The products reviewed include the following: Science Experiments in a Bag E-Book 1: This book provides examples of 25 simple science experiments in Biology, General Science, and Nature … Read more

Samson’s Classroom Review

This article is in collaboration with Samson’s Classroom. Have you heard about Samson’s Classroom? It is a new approach to online educational learning.  It combines several products under one umbrella so if you have access to one of the products you actually get access to ALL the products. Right now there are three products under … Read more

Crossbow Education Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Crossbow Education. The Crew recently had the opportunity to use a product from an award-winning company that specializes in multisensory teaching resources – Crossbow Education. When you visit their website you will find that they carry several tools designed to help you create a learning environment that promotes student … Read more

Zoo Whiz

This article is in collaboration with Zoo Whiz. Zoo Whiz is an online learning website for children that allows them to practice reading, math, grammar, vocabulary, and word skills while “collecting” animals and playing games with the points they earn. It is designed for kids ages 5-15, and allows the parent to customize levels of … Read more

Reading Kingdom Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Reading Kingdom. Created by Dr. Marion Blank, world renowned reading expert and Director of the Light on Learning Program at Columbia University, Reading Kingdom is an online program designed to teach children ages 4-10 how to read and write to a third grade level.  This interactive and easy-to-use program … Read more

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