Why Charlotte Mason Narration Is Better Than Traditional Tests

Let’s break out of the cultural norm and stop teaching to the test. By using Charlotte Mason’s testing method called “narration,” we can achieve a higher level of learning in our homeschool. Who Was Charlotte Mason? Charlotte Mason, a British educational reformer at the turn of the twentieth century, coined the term “narration.” She believed … Read more

Samson’s Classroom Review

This article is in collaboration with Samson’s Classroom. Have you heard about Samson’s Classroom? It is a new approach to online educational learning.  It combines several products under one umbrella so if you have access to one of the products you actually get access to ALL the products. Right now there are three products under … Read more

Vocab Videos

This article is in collaboration with Vocab Videos. Vocab Videos uses a few key tools to bring vocabulary to life. They offer memorable videos that will help your child experience, learn and master vocabulary. Their extensive digital tools feature quizzes modeled on SAT style questions to help prepare your child for future testing situations. A … Read more

Blog Cruise: To Test or Not to Test

As a homeschool parent, you obviously have the inside scoop on how well your child is advancing through your curriculum. You can see in which areas he is strong and in which areas he needs some extra time or help. However, some parents still find it reassuring to administer some kind of standardized testing in … Read more

Blog Cruise: Measuring Success

Webster defines success as a favorable or desired outcome. As homeschoolers, we look for signs of success every day. Is Billy getting his multiplication tables down? Has Susie learned all of her spelling words? Is little Johnny’s handwriting legible? We spend lots of money on THE curriculum that will ensure success. We write lesson plans, … Read more

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