Blog Cruise: To Test or Not to Test

To Test or Not To Test

As a homeschool parent, you obviously have the inside scoop on how well your child is advancing through your curriculum. You can see in which areas he is strong and in which areas he needs some extra time or help. However, some parents still find it reassuring to administer some kind of standardized testing in their homeschools. And in some states, it is a requirement that homeschooled students have a periodic standardized assessment of their progress. In this week’s Blog Cruise, we are curious about your take on this subject. So we’re asking the question:

Do you administer standardized testing in your homeschool? Why or why not? 

Jane emphatically believes that, “Knowledge is Power” when she answers this question at  Mozi Esmé.

April discusses the “Standardized Testing Requirement” at Eclectic Montage.

At Ozark Ramblings, Beth shares some past experiences that helped form her opinion in “You Can Keep Your #2 Pencil”.

In “Peppermints Needed”, Nicole shares her reasons for not testing at Journey to Excellence.

Heather sets us to show us that every child is different in “To Test or Not To Test: That is the Question”  at her blog, The Blessings Pour Out.

At Footprints in the Butter, Debra shares her thoughts on using standardized testing as one option to meet her state’s requirements, in “Yes, we test”.

Finally, at Ben and Me, I discuss “10 Reasons We Choose Not to Subject Ourselves to Torture“.

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