Homeschooling While Preparing for a Move

As if homeschooling doesn’t come with enough challenges of its own, let’s add a cross-country move to the mix! Our family has done it once, and we are about to do it again.  We plan to put our house on the market this winter as we gear up for a move from TX to OH/KY … Read more

Abraham’s Journey Review

In a day and age where it appears the concepts of hard work, perseverance, determination, ingenuity, and hope are all but lost, one can be encouraged by Inspiring the American Dream.  It is dedicated to the preservation of the American ideal.  Through the website and a recent children’s book, Kathleen and Robert Basmadjian desire to inspire today’s youth “by instilling … Read more

Recipe Share

Linda @ Homeschooling6 — Low Carb Cream Cheese Pancakes These pancakes are Homeschooling6 kid approved! The children loved them and were asking for more. Meg @ Adventures with Jude — An Allergy Friendly Favorite Dinner: Potato Soup and Garlic Cheddar Bicuits Allergies don’t mean you have to eat boring food. We’re serving creamy potato soup … Read more

The Subject I Enjoy Teaching Most

Most of the time when favorite homeschool subjects are being discussed, someone is asking one of your students, “What’s your favorite subject?” In my house, the answer would be, “Anything but math!” But this week’s Blog Cruise is a fun one! We are asking members of the Crew which subjects are their favorites to teach! … Read more

Back to School …For Parents?

  Home educators are all about learning.  We spend a disproportionate amount of our time thinking, planning, collecting materials, and preparing a cerebral meal for our best and most important students – our children.  Phonics turns into creative writing, baking soda-driven volcanoes morph into equations on a page, and the years drift by as relentless … Read more

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