Winter Nature Study

Children should be made early intimate with the trees, too; should pick out half a dozen trees, oak, elm, ash, beech, in their winter nakedness, and take these to be their year-long friends.

~Charlotte Mason

Most of us are happy to pack up and head outdoors for a nature walk or other study of nature when the weather is warm and bright. But what about the temperatures drop and it seems the sun is hiding all day?

Join members of the Homeschool Review Crew as they share ways in which they continue the joy of nature study, even in the winter.


Beth B. @ Ozark RamblingsNature Study in Winter — That’s for the Birds

In this article I’m going to focus in on two special birds for whom winter is prime time viewing season.

Tere Scott @ Teachable Scotts Tots HomeschoolIce Fossils in Your Own Back Yard 

It happened in our own backyard on a very cold winter day. My son picked it up to show me. There it was inside the ice perfectly preserved and trapped. It got me thinking how this would make for a really interesting winter nature study.

Melissa E. @ Little connections add up to a lotta’ lifeComparing Two Winters

If you’ve ever been curious about some easy ways to use Essential Oils in your everyday life and for better health, you can get some ideas here as you read about ways that we’ve used them in our home this past month.

Karyn T. @ Teach Beside MeWinter Nature Exploration

Winter time is not always the easiest for us to get outside and enjoy nature. The only thing we have seen outside for about 2 months now is several feet of ice and snow. However, this year I have really been trying hard to get outside more often and explore some of the beauties that winter provides.

Jennifer A. @ Chestnut Grove AcademyThe Snowy Day Unit Study

Here is a sneak peak at the preschool curriculum I’m working on! A unit study based on The Snowy Day by Anna Milbourne.

Bethany H. @ Little Homeschool BlessingsWinter Cattail Study

Nature study makes me so happy. This year we are doing a whole year cattail study.

Rebekah T. @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningBirds of a Feather

Here in the Show-Me-State we can have cold, damp winters (speckled in with a few balmy days and an odd tornado). There probably isn’t much to inspire a poet, but the avid bird watcher can be entertained for hours. I’m sharing with you some beautiful birds and my favorite resources for a fun Winter Nature Study.

Heather A. @ Only Passionate Curiosity Enjoying Nature Year Around

This year I have really tried making getting out and enjoying nature a priority in our home. It’s not always easy in the winter time considering I am NOT a cold weather person. I grew up in San Diego, we spent the winter outside, in the SUNSHINE. This snow on the ground, jackets and mittens thing is so foreign to me. But- I’m not going to let the cold stop me from getting the kids out of the house, especially when there is so much to SEE in the winter.

Amanda S. @ Our Heart & HomeWater. Snow. Ice. A Winter Weather Study

Water, water, everywhere in lots of different forms. Winter in the Midwest is a great time to learn about the “how” of water, ice and snow.


Diana M. @Homeschool Review2nd Snow of the Year

The weather was cold outside. The new fallen snow was in a very thin layer outside. My son was having difficulty waking up . . .

My girls look forward to winter as a magical time when the snow blankets the ground and clings to the pine trees around our house. It is so pretty and so irresistible that of course we have to spend time outside in spite of the freezing temperatures! Although most people think of nature studies at warmer times of the year, winter is still a great time to get outside and learn.

Chareen R. @ Every Bed of Roses — Winter Nature Study. Is It Possible?

 Who are you kidding ? Taking the kids out in the blustery cold, rain or snow. Oh no not me. Is it worth it or is there something else I could do ?

Kayla A. @ Arrowood ZooNature in Winter

We can still play outside just as we do in the summer to be honest! The kids wear a toboggan and a large jacket and off they go.

They constantly want to play outside. They love playing Cowboys and Indians, playing with our pets and they also shoot their bows for practice.

Karen W. @ Tots and Me“Studying” Nature in Winter with Preschoolers

I am not an outside person, I admit it, I never was growing up either. But I know how important it is to get the children outside to study nature, the great creation of God’s. So, what can we do to study nature in the wintertime?

In the past we have had some fun experiences with snow. In addition, we have some fun activities I would love to try.

Laura Leggott @ Loving and Learning in the High PlainsIce Fishing, a fun winter outing

A stretch of sub-zero temps made our local waters into a sea of glass. Now, a few milder days meant our children were able to experience a true miracle: walking on water!

LaRee B. @ Broad Horizons — It’s for the Birds

The girls love learning about nature, and I truly believe that learning more about God’s creation is one of the best ways to know Him better, but somehow we never get around to it.

Cristi S. @ Through the Calm and Through the Storm — The “no journals required” approach to nature study

Instead of dreaming of an idealistic nature study with beautiful journal pages, we’ve embraced studying nature as simply a fun endeavor. We didn’t necessarily set off with learning objectives, but we’ve learned a lot along the way

Tess H. @ Circle Through This Life —  The Wonders of Winter Nature 

I’m glad to see the inversion has ended. It’s not really better living in the clouds.


Brandy B. @ Kingdom Academy — Nature Study — On the Computer

The Great Backyard Bird Count is a great way to bring nature study into your home!

Debbie I. @ Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn — Winter Science

While we might look at Winter as being cold, gray, wet, icy, just what do our Children see? Let’s see if we can’t see Winter through their eyes, as well as take this time to answer some of their questions about why we have to go through Winter.

Lisa M. @ Chickens, Bunnies, and Homeschool — Nature Study and Science

Nature Study and Science found at unexpected times and places.

Meg F. @ Adventures with Jude — S is for Snowy Owl and Other Critters at the Zoo

If you have a January day that isn’t wet or freezing, take full advantage and head for the Zoo. Even the animals couldn’t resist coming out to play in the sunshine!

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