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The year is quickly slipping us by and for many of our Northern Hemisphere home educators the summer holidays are well and truly underway and some of our families are in planning mode for the 2019/20 school year.

Here on the blog our article writers would love to encourage you with Desert Nature Study During the Summer months and here are some great Summer Educational Ideas to help keep your students learning without knowing they are!

Over the summer break we would like to encourage you to take a look at some of the products we have recently used in our homeschools

Be sure to book mark this months Homechool Collection post, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and let our homeschool families encourage you on your home educational journey.

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  • Do You Homeschool Through the Summer? – “Summer School” of some kind was normal for us! Keeping some structure and planned learning happening during the summer helped us all stay relatively sane, but having much shorter school days only a couple days a week gave us plenty of opportunity to sleep late and do all kinds of fun summer activities.
  • DIY Day Camp – Our very simple formula for a do-it-yourself day camp of summer fun!
  • Lessons About Time and Trust – Lessons I’ve learned as a homeschool mom about using our time wisely and trusting God to guide our decisions and our lesson plans.
  • Canada Day Butter Tarts – Just in time for Canada Day (July 1st), here’s a recipe for a very Canadian dessert, along with some links to a few more recipes from the Great White North. Beauty, eh?

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  • The importance of Quarantine – I was raised on a farm but my dad didn’t quarantine anything. Livestock were brought in and added to the herd. When I worked on a pig farm and on a dairy farm, quarantine wasn’t practiced there either. So the concept was rather new to me when it came to a personal herd. The idea might also be new to you, so bringing it – and reasons to do so – to your attention seems wise.
  • Propaganda of WW1 – My son has been LOVING doing research papers. He’s just finished a rather significant one of poison gas, and as he finished he asked “what’s next mom?” I mentioned we hadn’t talked about propaganda and how it was handled during the war and he was immediately intrigued. Since it was our research week we set to watching videos, reading books and visiting helpful websites.
  • Want to Learn Art? – Art, it’s a wonderful part of the life don’t you find? Today I am focusing on visual arts like drawing, painting, sculpting and what not. Things you look at and make with your hands, feet or mouth. 🙂 Not everyone does art the same way do they? So if you want to learn art, here are some places to go.
  • The Truth About Crocodiles – The Truth about Crocodiles is a whirl-wind tour of all things crocodilian. Learn about their cousins, their lifestyle and how to stay safe. With humour and excellent illustrations, Maxwell Eaton helps children learn about this amazing class of animals.

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  • Unique Summer Experiences – Inspiration and examples of creating unique, real-life learning opportunities for you to teach and train your children making them well-rounded and mature.
  • Grocery Shopping Large Family Style – Education comes in many forms. Who knew grocery shopping could be so educational and give you so many opportunities to train your children?!

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  • Our Summer Bucket – We have added easy fun to our summer by compiling a summer bucket, not a list of things we need to do but a literal bucket full of the tools we need to have fun on the spur of the moment.
  • Hymn Study: My Country Tis of Thee – A free hymn study on My Country Tis of Thee including resources and copywork.
  • Pollinator Resources – Lots of resources to learn about, celebrate, and help the pollinators!

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