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Once in a while, I come across a product that is intriguing and fills a niche. At the Teach Them Diligently – Waco conference, I visited a booth that taught financial literacy with a study of biblical character built in. It was a pleasant experience to talk with The Kingdom Code about their program and how it can work for the targeted upper-elementary and middle school aged children. It was also great to hear about how it could be adapted for older students. It sounded like such a fascinating program. Imagine my surprise when the next week The Kingdom Code appeared as a review through the Homeschool Review Crew. Talk about timing! Let me share a bit about The Kingdom Code.

The Kingdom Code is a hands-on program designed to teach students in grades 4-8 about biblical money management and how to become entrepreneurs. The multi-level program runs 34 weeks, with 27 lessons. It is scheduled for one lesson per week with a few lessons taking more than one week. Each lesson has multiple sections that teach character, financial skills, budgeting, marketing, and work ethic. Originally planned for two, 45-minute sessions each week for the lesson, it is easily adaptable to fit the time available.

The Kingdom Code will take your student from business idea to business owner. Walking step-by-step through the process of developing an idea, creating the necessary plans to put it into motion, and filing notices (with parents/teachers), students become entrepreneurs running their own business, or Treasure Builder. Running that business comes next and the curriculum teaches students about how to budget, communicate with customers, and keep the business going. From market research to idea development to running the business, The Kingdom Code is the curriculum to keep students on the right track.

The Kingdom Code has a convenient kit, The Complete Starter Kit, to get the business going. It contains everything needed for the curriculum to teach one student.

  • The Kingdom Code Textbook is a spiral-bound, full-color text written directly to the student.
  • The Student Packet includes activities, forms, notices, worksheets, KCK treasure map and stickers, KCK budget stickers, flashcards, posters, and a receipt book.
  • The Teacher’s Guide gives lesson plans for the 27 lessons, spread over 68 teaching days. It also has suggestions for teaching, includes answers for worksheets, and comes hole-punched.

Additional Student Packets can be purchased, as needed. Other products available include a coloring book that has 72 pages with The Kingdom Code themes and a Jr. KCK Budget Kit to teach students how to budget their money without running a business.

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