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This article is in collaboration with Mill Creek Entertainment.

The Review Crew have been viewing the movie Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment. This is a film which could be used for family movie night.

Written and directed by Corbin Bernsen, Life With Dog introduces us to Joe Bigler, a man who is deeply grieving the death of his late wife Alice, portrayed by Marilu Henner. In the midst of his descent into anger and grief, Joe is also dealing with developers who want his home in order to make room for what they are building.

Joe’s daughter is a woman of faith, as was his wife Alice, but Joe does not believe. In his anger at God and his inability to understand what happened, this film takes him on the journey toward closure.

At the same time Joe is trying to convince the police that Alice’s death was not an accident. During this time, a dog suddenly appears, and despite his many attempts to be rid of him ‘Dog’ silently becomes part of his life, and helps Joe toward the road of recovery, grief and healing.

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