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I think one thing we can all agree on is the need for mathematical teaching and learning in education. I happen to love math and always have but I know a TON of people who despise math. I believe that a love for learning math starts in the early years. It has to be taught correctly and in a way that children can really understand. Teaching math in a fun and exciting way is the best way to teach it.

Matific Galaxy is JUST that. Matific Galaxy is an award-winning, online learning program. It takes your child through a fun mathematical galaxy that helps them learn age-appropriate concepts. It is targeted for children in K-6th grade and can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet as well as a PC or laptop.

With Matific Galaxy you are able to choose the grade level for your child. Once they start the game, they start at Level One. Each level is its own world of sorts that has a character assigned to it. Your child will work through the level and will slowly rebuild their character as they get the answers correct. They are also able to achieve trophies and medals as they go along as well. Each grade level has 10 different worlds/characters they are able to take over by getting the problems correct. The problems in the game are super interactive and very engaging. 

There is also a parents zone where you are able to change the settings, see the skills your child is learning as well as see reports of the work your child has done. Matific Galaxy is a really great addition to your math curriculum already in use. 

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A big thank you to Amanda Hammock of Hammock’s Do Homeschool for writing this introductory article.

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