Easter Resources Round-Up


Easter is the time of the year where teachable moments surround us daily in the stores, advertising and more.  I love how Egglo Eggs from Egglo Entertainment  have empowered me to share the true meaning about this special day in our calendar. Today the crew would love to share some of the resources they have created and discovered on the web for you. Jen from Happy Little Homemaker  shares 3 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Whole Easter Season, My Favorite Easter Book — Simon and the Easter Miracle and 10 Clutter Free Easter Basket Ideas Jennifer over at Chestnut Grove Continue reading

Slow Cooker Recipes Round-Up


It’s that time of the year again when it feels like winter has been here forever and although it’s spring the snow drifts keep piling up and we’re bored with hot food.  The crew have been exploring winter warming recipe’s to tickle the palate but at the same time not cost us hours and hours in the kitchen. Did you know that crock-pots and slow cookers are not the same thing ?  I didn’t either. All Crock Pots are slow cookers, not all slow cookers are Crock Pots. The Crock-pot design came about because of the Jewish Sabbath, the day Continue reading

FREE Printables Round-Up

Free Printables Round-Up

  Free 2015 Budget Calendars A Page from our Book of Centuries Planes, Trains and Automobiles! with Falcons of France Base 10 Game: Roll & Build FREE Chinese Worksheets David and Goliath Tots to Prep Pack Constellation Montessori-Inspired 3 Part Cards What’s The Time? Cards Free Printables Chore Cards and Scripture Copywork Free Printables for Home and Family Homeschool Printables Link Up Free Printables Just for Kids Nature Through the Seasons Journals and Scavenger Hunts Love Notes from Jesus Printable Notecards A Simple Way to Pray for Your Children Printable Prayer Cards Animal Trackers Club Lessons Free Saint Patrick’s Day Continue reading

STEM Resources for Your Homeschool

STEM Resources for Your Homeschool

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are important for student success. These subjects are taught in an interdisciplinary and applied approach as we realize that is how students learn most effectively. Melanie from over at FinchNWren shares about what they use for Marine Biology, a great book unit on To the Laboratory!, and Science and Density: Lava Lamps Jennifer from over at Faithful Homestead shares some STEM Projects from Everyday Items Jennifer over at Chestnut Grove Academy has a Continue reading

Teaching Special Learners

Teaching Special Learners

Did you know that ‘special educational needs’ has a legal definition ?  It refers to any child who is currently experiencing a learning difficulty whether permanent or temporary.  Many children will have special needs of some description during their educational journey. They may need extra help in a range of areas, for example: schoolwork reading, writing, number work or understanding information expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying making friends or relating to adults behaving properly in school, at home or social events organizing themselves some kind of sensory or physical needs which may affect them in school or Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Resources

Valentine's Day Resources for Your Homeschool

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:3.  Love is not just a feeling,  true love shows itself in action.  Valentine’s day is an excellent time to help our children learn how to express love and to let those we do love know just how deeply we do love them.  Today the crew have a wonderful basket of love to share with you. Jennifer from Chestnut Grove Academy has some practical Valentine’s Day Activities (Recap) for you. If you have tots at home you can also find Colors for Tots – Continue reading

Presidents Day Resources — A Collection of Ideas for Your Homeschool

Presidents Day Resources - A Collection of Ideas for Your Homeschool

Presidents’ Day originally started out as Washington’s Birthday. The holiday gained special meaning during the difficulties of the Great Depression, when portraits of George Washington often graced the front pages of newspapers and magazines every February 22. In 1932 the date was used to reinstate the Purple Heart, a military decoration originally created by George Washington to honor soldiers killed or wounded while serving in the armed forces. Did You Know? President’s Day never falls on the actual birthday of any American president. Four chief executives—George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan were born in February, but Continue reading

The Perfecting of an Imperfect Day

The Perfecting of an Imperfect Day

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? I am starting what seems to be an endless day of errands and activities. The day itself is miserable. Gloominess seems to hang off of every street pole and tree branch. I am already tired and it’s not even 9:00am. But…I know what will fix it. A nice cup of coffee. My mouth has been ready for it since I pulled out of my driveway. I like my coffee sweet and creamy. I can almost feel it running down through my fingers and toes. I pull up to the drive-thru menu. I ask for a small Continue reading

Living Frugally {a collection of ideas to save you money}

Living Frugally A Collection of Ideas to Save You Money

Have you ever wondered what the word Frugally means ?  It’s defined as an economical use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.  Some helpful synonyms to more fully understand it are: thrifty, chary, provident, careful, prudent, penny-wise and scrimping. When  I first embarked on home educating little did I know I would be having to learn many more skills in order to keep on home educating. This week the Schoolhouse Review Crew would like to share with you some of the things they have learned along the way. Tara from over at This Sweet Life shares some ideas Continue reading

Winter Nature Study {A Collection of Ideas for Your Homeschool}


Winter Nature study is not impossible it simply requires a little bit of foresight planning and a thermos of something warm to drink.  Taking children out to experience the variation of temperature, the winter birds who flit about here and there seeking some shelter and food, or simply visiting the park to sit a while and appreciate the tree architecture in all it’s perfect glory are all a wonderful part of creating memories of Nature Study during any time of the year. Knowledge in one “subject” helps us to understand another. All the information your children are gathering in their Continue reading