Pens and Pencils – Week 5 of the August Challenge

When it comes to writing implements, people can be very particular. Everyone has their own preferred pen or pencil brand, type, or style. Some like to buy their favorite type by the box to ensure they do not run out at the worst time (think filling out a homeschool lesson planner that is color coded) while others grab whatever pen or pencil is at hand. How do you treat the writing situation? 

At the beginning of August, we asked on the Homeschool Review Crew Facebook page if our readers preferred pens or pencils and whether they have a favorite. I was actually amazed by the number of people who shared they prefer to use a pen. I guess I had the idea that most homeschoolers would like to use a pencil (a Ticonderoga pencil to be exact) so they could erase their flexible homeschool schedules. 

Personally, I use a selection of pens for keeping track of my schedule, blog, and work notes. I have three different types and colors of pens at my desk as well as a number of highlighters, a pencil, and a set of Paper Mate Flair pens for journaling. I prefer to use a pen but if I have to use a pencil, it must be sharp. 

In addition to wondering whether people have pen or pencil preferences, another thing that comes to mind when thinking about pens and pencils is whether or not anyone collects them. When I was younger, I used to collect pencils, and sometimes pens, from places we visited on vacation. I still have several mugs full of pencils from places like Epcot Center, the Bronx Zoo, Madame Tussauds, and other places. Over the years I decided that they should be useful and not just collect dust so I started using the pencils and sharing them with my kids. Of course, we had to replace the erasers but the pencils are a fun addition to our collection of writing utensils. There will always be a few we don’t use – like those filled with sand or stones from museums or beaches – but I love the fact that I can share about my childhood in a fun and unique way with my children. 


Thank you to Kristen at A Mom’s Quest to Teach for writing this Article. Kristen is a housewife and mother to a teenage stepson and two younger children. She is a certified social studies teacher and has worked as a volunteer at a National Park site, in the education department of a metropolitan zoo, and as a high school history teacher. 

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