Goals for the New School Year

Welcome to week four of the August Days social media/blog challenge. We hope you have enjoyed the weekly challenges and look forward to you sharing your goals for the new year with us.

Many families are commencing home schooling for the first time and for many others it’s the start of a new homeschool year. Some of us make goals for a new year and others of us glide through from year to year without any specific goals to achieve. I fall in the latter catagory. I have never been goal specific until recently.

My fourteen-year-old son came and asked me, “Mom, when can I graduate/finish high school?” It’s not something we had talked about.

Over the years we had used numerous different eclectic homeschooling methods and had just recently gone back to using Sonlight (a box curriculum) to home educate. I showed him the last four core’s he was expected to complete over the next four years. He was enthusiastic knowing exactly what he had to do in order to graduate. He then calculated if he did year-round schooling he could graduate just after his 17th birthday. This meant that he would be finished a year earlier than we originally planned.

He worked diligently and completed World History Year One, and we are now ten weeks into World History Year Two. You can read a more detailed post on our selections for our Homeschool High School Curriculum Choices for 2020 here.

My biggest piece of advice when planning and seeting goals for the your high school student is to keep the method of learning the same. Do not change how your student learns.

The method of learning remains the same however the content changes and becomes more complex.

Tip two when setting high school goals : independent learning is not isolation! Too often we send our students off to their rooms to learn on their own when in fact the high school years are years our young adults need inclusion.

If the plan you have made does not work. Remember you can change your game plan (that’s the best part of homeschooling) however you do not need to change the goal.

Seek advice. Surround yourself with mentors. This does not mean modeling your homeschool on theirs. It means finding new ways of accomplishing the original goal.

What are some of the goals you have for your homeschool this year?


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Do you have a goals for the new year? 

We look forward to hearing about your homeschool goals this week. Be sure to link your Instagram and blog posts below.

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