Beating the Summer Heat


LaRee B. @ Broad HorizonsSummer School Is NOT a Dirty Word

People act shocked to hear that we “do school” in the summertime, and occasionally let my children know that they are being mistreated to not get their summers “off”.

Leah C. @ As We Walk Along the RoadOur Top 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s awfully hot here in the South in the summertime. Playing outside in the heat of the day doesn’t happen very often. Instead we have to think of cool, indoor things to fill our time- not just t.v. and video games. So here are our family’s top five ways to beat the summer heat.

Kristina C. @ School Time SnippetsIce, Water, Air {15 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat}

Need some fresh new ways to stay cool? Think Ice. Water. Air.

Jenny M.  @ Good Work AcademySummer Bucket List #8: Beating the Summer Heat

Marking off an activity from our Summer Bucket List helps us beat the summer heat . . .

Jenni A. @ ConversavingKeeping Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

We can sustain temperatures well over 90 degrees for days at a time with high humidity making it hard for the kids to enjoy the outdoors.

Jennifer A. @ Chestnut Grove AcademyStaying Chill in Hawaii

So it’s warm here year round…but, summers are somehow hotter! Most homes do not have A/C (including our own) so those summer days can be killer!

Beth B. @ Ozark RamblingsFun When Temps Are High and Cash Is Low

Here are a few ways we’ve found to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

Rebekah T. @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for Whining8 Fun Things To Do with the Kiddos (when the heat keeps you inside)

Here are 8 fun inside activities to plan for when the those hot days get even hotter!

Audra S. @ Simply Audra MarieCool Ideas for Hot Summer Days

When the temperature rises, it’s time for some cool ideas.

Brittney R. @ Mom’s HeartDon’t Let the Heat Win

I strongly believe that kids need to be outside playing and exploring as much as possible, not matter what the weather. However, the summer heat can quickly make the kids hot, cranky and miserable, and that just leads to a cranky momma.


Laura L. @ Loving and Learning on the High PlainsSummer Reading Program

What did your family do to beat the heat this summer? We used books! Every afternoon when it got too hot to be out and about we would come into the cool house and read.



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