5 Ways to Achieve Summer Learning (Without your Children Knowing it!)

Homeschooling is one of the best, yet most exhausting adventure you can have. Not only are you the teacher, but you are also the homemaker, mother, and probably 10 other occupational titles. What about summer learning? Should you homeschool year-round, catch up on academic skills that are lacking, learn a new skill in the summer, … Read more

Summer Educational Ideas

The classic ‘summer break’ is fast approaching! Parents, grandparents, and kids are all counting days and waiting for the ‘end’ of the school year. But, not always for homeschoolers. Let’s face it, sometimes our ‘end’ of school is postponed, delayed, or stretched well beyond the traditional start of summer, learning never really stops. Here, I’d … Read more

Summer Activities Are Education, Too

Education Through Summer Activity “Life is learning and learning is life.” I know many home school families try hard to live this philosophy. I find this is particularly easy to do during the summertime. Why? Because our family is busy living and learning. Counting up the days of scheduled activity vs. the unscheduled days, we … Read more

Round UP of Summer Holiday Ideas / fun

I can’t believe that summer is here (For me we’re in the throws of winter down in Australia…) and it’s time for some summer fun or summer schooling. The team have put together some blog posts to encourage and inspire your summer holidays. Michele @ Family, Faith and Fridays shares Schooling Year Round while Other … Read more

Summer Inspiration

Summer holidays bring back many happy memories for us and yet as home school families it’s so easy to allow summer to pass us by.  As a veteran homeschool Mom, I’ve come to realize that I need to purpose to create happy summer childhood memories for our children. Today a few of my fellow crewmates … Read more

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