Summer Activities Are Education, Too

Education Through Summer Activity “Life is learning and learning is life.” I know many home school families try hard to live this philosophy. I find this is particularly easy to do during the summertime. Why? Because our family is busy living and learning. Counting up the days of scheduled activity vs. the unscheduled days, we … Read more

Four R’s of Homeschooling In Summer

Although year round school schedules of many varieties are becoming more popular, I must admit I prefer having summer vacation. My kids have always preferred to have a summer vacation from school as well, and I definitely don’t want to be the Mean Mom that makes them slave away at the books while their friends … Read more

Summer Schooling Without Losing Your Summer or Your Mind!

Whether you work your homeschool on a traditional school schedule or you are a year-round homeschooler, schooling through the summer months typically takes on a different schedule. But schooling through the summer months can be a good choice for most families as there are advantages to continuing lessons throughout the summer. And you can have … Read more

Blog Cruise – Homeschooling in the Summer

It’s almost May, and everyone is gearing up for summer with its—-Summer vacations, Summer reading programs, Summer camps, and Summer Homeschooling? This week, the Crew is tackling the question Do you homeschool during the summer? Why or why not? What is your summer homeschooling like? ~Nikki @ Joy in the Journey shares her plans for … Read more

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