Round UP of Summer Holiday Ideas / fun

I can’t believe that summer is here (For me we’re in the throws of winter down in Australia…) and it’s time for some summer fun or summer schooling. The team have put together some blog posts to encourage and inspire your summer holidays.

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  • Summer Students From Away – One of the learning events we have done for the past few summers is have an international student stay with us. This gives us a reason to go exploring and it’s fun to show our world to someone from away.
  • Going on Vacation – One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to bring along books to read. Granted I love getting out with the fellows on the kayaks and seeing the beauty that is in the world around us, but curling up with a good book and having friendly chipmunks scope me out for food, and listening to birds chatter in the trees around me… is just a wee taste of heaven for me. I simply ADORE that time.

Dawn @ Schoolin’ Swag shares their Summer Bucket List – From popsicles to hammocks, easy fun summer ideas with a free bucket list printable!

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Pam @ Simply Passionate shares Frugal Adventures – Cheap or Free Summer Adventures.

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  • Animals: Bats – The Myths and the Crafts – Summer is a perfect time to spend the evenings outdoors looking for bats as they fly through the night skies and eat all those pesky bugs that bother us during the daytime. In this post, learn more about bats and perhaps create one of your own with your children.
  • Trips: Visit to the Seashore – Most people think of a visit to the beach or seashore during the summer but our family prefers to visit in the off-season when there are less crowds. But whenever you go, memories can be made down the shore.

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  • Beach Fun Round Up – A round up of ideas related to all things “beach.” There are ideas for at the beach, and ideas for bringing the beach to your child. Fun ideas with sand, shells, fish, and more.
  • Summer of Fun Round Up – 30 fun and educational activities to keep your children busy during the summer. The post includes painting fun, sensory fun, science ideas, and gross motor activities.
  • Camping Fun Round Up – Kid-friendly ideas for going camping as a family. There are ideas for learning while camping, fun creative activities, plus ideas for bringing camping home, for those who can’t go camping for real.

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