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This article is in collaboration with MaxScholar.

The Homeschool Review Crew has been working with a 12 month subscription to Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar. This online program is designed for grades PreK-12 to help master vital reading skills.

MaxScholar utilizes an Orton-Gillingham approach with a focus on phonics, phonemic awareness, reading of words, fluency, and writing to build reading skills in struggling readers like dyslexic students, ESL students, and those who have gaps in their reading foundation.  This online subscription is accessible from any internet ready device.
The Reading Intervention Program features 3 distinct programs your student can work with to improve their reading skills. Each program begins with a placement test so that your student is at the precise level for them.
  •  MAXPHONICS works on mastering phonemes and letter sounds by using a variety of multi-sensory, online lessons that include videos, practice drills, and games.
  • MAXREADING uses highlighting, outlining, and summarizing strategies that help your student master reading comprehension.
  • MAXWORDS builds vocabulary skills by focusing on prefixes, suffixes, Greek and Latin roots syllabication and spelling rules to improve reading comprehension and fluency.

Additional sub-programs that work on developing reading skills with extra practice are included in this program as well.

  • MAXMUSIC allows your child to read lyrics, play piano games and focus on reading and auditory skills.
  • MAXVOCAB is the MaxScholar dictionary and offers definition and vocabulary games that are fun for both students and adults!
  • MAXPLACES takes your student around the world to explore 51 different locations as they read selections and answer comprehension questions.
  • MAXBIOS introduces famous personalities via biographies on a timeline.  This is great for ordering skills too.
Students and parents have independent logins, and the program automatically returns them to their correct lesson.
Parents have access to a wide variety of additional downloadable resources including lesson guides, readers, sight words, drills and even workbooks.  A parent dashboard allows you to see your student’s progress and generate reports.

This comprehensive program is not just for your student!  They offer a full section of Professional Development including teaching manuals, videos and step-by-step instructions to complete your own Orton-Gillingham teaching certification.


A BIG thank you to Renita Bentz at Mom of Many for this introductory article.

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