Persuasive Writing & Classical Rhetoric: Practicing the Habits of Great Writers & White House Holidays Unit Studies Reviews

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Homeschoolers take the education of their children very seriously at any age, but there is something about hitting the middle school and high school years that can bring about an increased sense of urgency, as parents see the finish line in sight. The college years are quickly approaching at that point, and we want to ensure that our students have been properly equipped as they transition to the next level.

Silverdale Press offers curriculum for unit studies, history, social studies, and writing, that can meet some of these specific educational needs. Our Homeschool Review Crew has been reviewing Persuasive Writing and Classical Rhetoric: Practicing the Habits of Great Writers , for ages 14-18, and White House Holidays Unit Studies , for ages 5-18.

Silverdale Press was founded by Joshua and Jill Hummer. They are the parents of four children, whom they are currently homeschooling. Both Joshua and Jill have impressive credentials between the two of them. She has taught college classes in history and political science, is a published author of a book, various articles, and journals.
Joshua Hummer has been practicing law for over 11 years. A former homeschooler, he serves, and has served, on many boards of directors. Visit their website to read more about their amazing backgrounds.

The Persuasive Writing and Classical Rhetoric is a 36-week language arts course. Using various classic works from such famous authors as Patrick Henry, William Wilberforce, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and many more, teens will learn to practice the habits of these great figures. This well organized and easy to use curriculum will teach students how to select a topic, take notes, create outlines, and carefully revise their persuasive essays. By the end of the course, there will be the opportunity to submit their finished works for publication.

This digital curriculum includes:

– Lesson Book (235 pages)
-Workbook (202 pages)
-Reader (111 pages)
-Answer Key (68 pages)

The White House Holidays Unit Studies offers two options, one for elementary grades, and one for middle school/high school. Unit studies will cover the following holidays:

-Labor Day
-Veteran’s Day
-Martin Luther King Jr. Day
-Valentine’s Day

These studies will help families appreciate the history behind some of the holidays that our nation celebrates. Using historical documents, speeches, photographs and other unique sources, students will see how these special days became important to our American culture. Each lesson plan is detailed and thorough, with a plethora of exercises and activities. These have the flexibility to be used and enjoyed with children of all ages.

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A special thank you to Laurie from School Days for writing this introductory article.

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