Peppermint: Week 3 December Challenge

One of the flavors associated with Christmas is peppermint, but why? After a quick search on the Internet, I did not find any definitive answer. There were quite a few blog posts and articles that speculated about the reasons behind peppermint becoming a part of our Christmas holiday. Perhaps, it is because of the coolness … Read more

Teaching with Dinner and a Movie

Let’s face it, as much as we try to get some of our children to love reading, there are just some kids that will never enjoy it. We are all wired differently, but that doesn’t mean that our children cannot still envelop the love of learning. For my youngest son, watching movies and spring boarding … Read more

Commissioned Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Chara Games. Game nights with family and friends create a lot of joy, laughter, and lasting relationships. Chara Games was founded to help families find fun and innovative games with Christian themes for teens and adults. Chara is the Biblical Greek word for unshakable joy. Chara Games recently sent … Read more

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