Peppermint: Week 3 December Challenge

One of the flavors associated with Christmas is peppermint, but why? After a quick search on the Internet, I did not find any definitive answer. There were quite a few blog posts and articles that speculated about the reasons behind peppermint becoming a part of our Christmas holiday. Perhaps, it is because of the coolness left behind in the mouth that reminds us of the winter holiday, or perhaps, it is because peppermint can help with indigestion (and so many overindulge at Christmas meals)? No matter why the flavor has become important to the Christmas holiday, what are the ways we can incorporate it into our celebrations? 


There are many options for bringing peppermint into the flavor of cookies, cakes, and other treats. Personally, I do not like the flavor of peppermint, but I know that many enjoy cookies like peppermint meltaways, peppermint sugar cookies, or mint chocolate-covered pretzels. You might even stick a candy cane into your hot cocoa to enjoy a special treat on a cold winter night. 

Family Fun

Does your family create Gingerbread houses? Don’t peppermint candies and candy canes bring your creation to life? You can use the candy as is to create your roof tiles or crumble up the pieces to make a pathway through a Gingerbread village. 

For younger children, you can scent homemade playdough with peppermint so they can make their own candy cane creations. What a wonderful sensory bin that would include peppermint scents and flavors! 

Buy lots of candy canes and play games! Lay out a selection on the table and ask your children to use a candy cane to hook the ones on the table and lift them up. For an added challenge, the children must manipulate the candy cane while holding it in their mouth. No hands allowed! 

Educational Resources 

Homeschooling families can find several resources specifically relating to candy canes at In Ditch the Desk, you will find two weeks of lessons that look at the candy cane from the perspective of language arts, science, math, and history. And there is even a fun video – The Candy Maker’s Christmas: The Witness of the Candy Cane – to watch with your children. 

So, whether you are a fan of Peppermint or not, there are many ways in which you can bring this holiday favorite into your homeschool days and seasonal celebrations.


Thank you to Kristen at A Mom’s Quest to Teach for writing this post. 

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