Creating a Christmas Bucket List

I love Christmas traditions and my kids have inherited my love for the holiday season and the traditions that make it extra special. We have always incorporated new and old traditions into our December routine, but over the past few years my kids have taken over the December planning. At some point they came up … Read more

Peppermint: Week 3 December Challenge

One of the flavors associated with Christmas is peppermint, but why? After a quick search on the Internet, I did not find any definitive answer. There were quite a few blog posts and articles that speculated about the reasons behind peppermint becoming a part of our Christmas holiday. Perhaps, it is because of the coolness … Read more

Celebrating Christmas While Homeschoolers Travel

How do you celebrate Christmas when you are a traveling homeschool family? Christmas is usually filled with traditions and spending time with your loved ones. I’ve spent Christmas in either a hotel suite or an apartment away from home with my family for the past 3 years now. In fact, we’re likely to do it … Read more

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